It's Past Time For A Change!

Vermonters for Economic Health is a non-partisan group of citizens concerned with Vermont's deteriorating economic health.

Our mission is to help our state and citizens through the promotion of economic health and affordability in Vermont and fiscal discipline in Montpelier. In the November 2008 election, VEH supported 40 candidates (17 were elected) for the Vermont General Assembly. They pledged to improve our economy by implementing policies that allow good jobs to thrive, and by changing policies that drive our living costs higher than the national average. As this recession endures, the costs of government must be reduced, tax increases avoided and action taken to enable private sector job growth. As we approach the 2010 elections, many more voters are unhappy with the cost and effectiveness of our federal and state government. It's time to change some of our spendthrift elected officials.

So, what can we do?

  • Become Informed - Understand the issues and decide your priorities for state government.

  • Sign The VEH Petition - Take the time to make your views known.

  • Inform Others - Refer your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family to our web site so they can view the presentation and sign the petition.

  • Write Letters To The Editor - Express your concern in your local media if you do not agree with the direction that our Legislature is taking us.

  • Write Your Legislators - Write your Senators and Representatives and let them know if their priorities are not YOUR priorities.

  • Become A Volunteer - Find out how you can play an active role by contacting us.

  • Make A Donation - Don't forget to donate to the Political Action Committee (PAC) to help support candidates who agree with our mission and goals.

  • Legislative Priorities

    VEH Legislative Priorities for 2010