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A Sensible Perspective on Vermont's Energy Future

Paul Kenyon of Charlotte, VT wrote this piece which was published on Sunday, July 18, 2010 in the Burlington Free Press. It's the most rational view of the energy choices Vermont faces. We have had far too much political posturing on energy that preys on our emotions.

The gubernatorial campaign is full of rhetoric. This viewpoint is a breath of fresh air compared to most of what's been written in the popular media and by the advocates of green energy and/or nuclear.

What Should Americans and Vermonters Expect from Their Government?

The July 15 commentary by Cal Thomas published in the Burlington Free Press provides examples of a few governors' bold policies and actions to control/reduce their state government spending. Aggressive action is the proper course... policies that embrace fiscal discipline and the courage to enforce it are essential. This basic discipline is absent at the Federal level and not nearly aggressive enough in Vermont.

It's beyond time that Americans and Vermonters have a serious conversation about what we should expect from government rather than be lulled by spendthrift politicians that government can be our keeper and provider of all good things. That's not the role of the government that will serve the long term interests of citizens.

Latest VEH Presentation Now Available

The latest VEH presentaton, the one delivered by Tom Licata on July 11 at the Essex Grange Hall, is here.

We Can't Afford It!

We Can't Afford It Presentation

  • Come join Tom Licata from Vermonters for Economic Health, Steven Howard from the Vermont Campaign for Liberty, and Robert Maynard from the Green Mountain Patriots, as they discuss the Economic Crisis in Vermont and our Country!
  • This is a must-see for every Vermont citizen concerned about the direction of our state and nation.


When: Sun, Jul 11 4pm – 6:30pm Eastern Time

Where: The Grange Hall in Essex Center, Route 1

VEH Publishes 2010 Legislative Priorities

VEH has updated its Legislative Priorities for 2010. A copy is attached.

It's only two pages. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

VEH Updated Presentation


We have recently updated our presentation, portions of which have been shown to Green Mountain Patriots and the Vermont House Ways and Means Committee.
You can view it here or by clicking on "View Slideshow" at the top right of this page.