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Latest VEH Presentation Now Available

The latest VEH presentaton, the one delivered by Tom Licata on July 11 at the Essex Grange Hall, is here.

We Can't Afford It!

We Can't Afford It Presentation

  • Come join Tom Licata from Vermonters for Economic Health, Steven Howard from the Vermont Campaign for Liberty, and Robert Maynard from the Green Mountain Patriots, as they discuss the Economic Crisis in Vermont and our Country!
  • This is a must-see for every Vermont citizen concerned about the direction of our state and nation.


When: Sun, Jul 11 4pm – 6:30pm Eastern Time

Where: The Grange Hall in Essex Center, Route 1

Jim Eckhardt and others stepping up to run for Vermont Legislature

I want to applaud Jim Eckhardt (and other business people) for having the courage and taking the time away from business to run for a position in the legislature.

Having people like Jim, who know what it takes to run a successful business and provide JOBS to people WITHOUT using taxpayers funds to make the payroll, in the legislature will make a real difference and bring fiscal sanity back to our policy making.

The current makeup of our state legislature is completely out of balance and their policy making is driving business investment, growth of good jobs, and entrepreneurs from our state. All of this is undermining our tax base. And our demographics are getting worse by the year. And I mean worse in terms of not having the job and population growth to support the unfunded liabilities of the future.

Rutland Pro-Business Coalition President Running for Vermont House of Representatives

The Rutland County Pro-Business Coalition has been an active voice in support of a healthy Vermont economy for several years. They have tried heartily to influence their local legislators to support and enact policies and policy changes that will encourage rather than diminish the capacity of the business community to have a decent chance of success.

Because of their disagreement and frustration with the views and voting records of some local legislators, they are attempting even stronger action by recruiting candidates to run for the Legislature in November.

Specifically, Jim Eckhardt, president of the Coalition and a small business owner in Rutland has announced his candidacy for Rutland-Windsor-1 representative seat which includes the towns of Bridgewater, Killington, Chittenden and Mendon.

Bruce Lisman Speaks to Vermont's Future - Finding Skin

On Thursday, May 13, 2010 Bruce Lisman spoke to a packed conference room at the Ethan Allen Institute's Sheraton Series at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington. Bruce described himself as an unbridled optimist about the future of this country and Vermont. His talk, FINDING SKIN: How Vermont Can Become Its Own Version Of An Economic Powerhouse Without Abandoning Its Values, was enlightening but incomplete.

We Have Lived Beyond Our Means!

An Essay by Tom Licata: 


"The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves…" so said Shakespeare.