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"We Can't Afford It!" Forum in Burlington, April 12 at Fletcher Free Library

The Vermont Campaign for Liberty and Vermonters for Economic Health are sponsoring a series of forums in Vermont to educate folks and emphasize the dire financial situation the country and Vermont are in. Deep debt at the national level and excessive spending at the state level all threaten our fredom and liberty. We hope you will both publicize and attend one of these sessions.
Below is the hyperlink to our Burlington "We Can't Afford It!" forum.  Please post the information on your respect message boards/calendars and encourage people to down load, print, and put up these posters around your town.  We are hoping for a good turn out. It will be on Sunday, April 12 at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington at noon

Smaller Government Sponsoring Policies for Private Sector Success & Jobs = Good Government

Entrepreneurial Government:
Better results with fewer resources
by Jason Gibbs

The engine of prosperity in this country is the private sector.  What will ultimately ensure our economy emerges from the Great Recession stronger and more resilient than ever before is the energy and imagination of America's entrepreneurs.

For government to be an effective partner in growing the economy and creating that prosperity it must recognize that it is the junior partner (hence the term "public servant") and embrace the nimble and creative mindset that successful enterprise thrives upon.

We have Too Much Government...and the Workers are Doing Quite Well

"Government Workers Feel No Economic Pain," David M. Dickson reports in The Washington Times:

The recession and the ongoing jobless recovery devastated much of the private-sector work force last year, sending unemployment soaring, but government workers emerged essentially unscathed, according to data released Wednesday by the Labor Department. 

Meanwhile, the compensation for state and local government employees continued to easily outdistance the wages and benefits for workers in private business, a separate Labor Department report showed. 

Understanding Vermont's Education Spending and Funding Morass

Anyone interested in understanding Vermont's K-12 education spending and funding maze should hustle on over to Vermont Tiger and spend the time
to follow Hugh Kemper's five excellent tutorials on how the system works and what can be done about the escalating spending amid continually declining student enrollment.

The power to fix this rests with the Legislature. Pay no attention to the political rhetoric from Legislators who ramble on about local control. The fix for the excessive spending and constant tax increases is theirs. Local control is a myth.

Ask your legislator if s/he supports the present K-12 funding/spending/governance system. If they say no, that's a good sign.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!!









The Myth of Local Control

The Myth of Local

(Published in the Colchester Sun, Feb 18, 2010)

Vermont's reputation of local school boards and voters balancing the tough choices between spending and taxes is mostly myth. The reality is that state K-12 education costs and the funding scheme that feeds them is breaking the backs of taxpayers and the state budget. True control rests with the Legislature.

Funding and spending for education is a jumble of sources, rules, regulations, formulas and obscure budget mechanisms. Few citizens understand this complex stream of policies and rules flowing from the Legislature and the Department of Education. Unless more taxpayers understand and experience the financial effects of their votes, local control is a fantasy.