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Has Common Sense Been Replaced by "Permitism?"

 A Symptom of What's Wrong in Vermont

The January 2, 2010 Burlington Free Press reports that the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) is attempting to find a site to relocate the composting operation from the Intervale to a site elsewhere in the county. A gravel pit in Richmond is considered the best alternative after a search of many possible sites. The Freeps further reports:

New Year Wishes for Legislature

Lisa Ventriss at the Vermont Business Roundtable plays off some national recommendations from the Concord Coalition in 2008 as she encourages Vermont's Legislature to action in the upcoming session.


VEH Discusses Vermont's Dire Financial Condition with Bennington Group

Recently, Tom Licata, founder of Vermonters for Economic Health, discussed with a group in Bennington the fiscal state of affairs of our nation and Vermont.

Here is a summary of that meeting published in the Bennington Banner with some important points Tom made in his presentation.

Montpelier lawmakers have a tough row to hoe this session. Hopefully, they all recognize the dire financial condition Vermont is in. There will be no time for frivolous legislation. Vermonters deserve full attention to the situation that they have created by their past profligate, unsustainable policies and spending.

Any political grandstanding will be unacceptable. Those who engage in it should be called out. We intend to do so here at VEH.

Legislative Study Groups and Commisssions Will Report Soon

Study Groups Established by 2009 Legislative Session

Nearly all these groups will issue their final reports in December and
January (the Judicial Operations Commission has already issued theirs).
The Tax Structure Commission will issue an interim report after the new
year and another the following year.

Expect the output of these efforts to shape some of the agenda in the
upcoming session. Policy wonks will have a field day reading the
results of this work.

We look forward particularly to the results from the education group, the tax structure commission and the pensions and retiree health care group. These recommendations should say a lot about Vermont's fiscal future.

Mark Steyn, New Hampshire Denizen, on Graying Vermont

Mark Steyn, writer and sometime radio talk show host, recently crossed the border into our state and had these observations. This piece has been widely circulated in Vermont, but in case you missed it, click on this link to read a craftily worded description of Vermont's state of affairs.

Vermont Yankee is a Green Asset for Vermont - License Renewal an Economic Benefit

This excerpt is from an editorial by Emerson Lynn, publisher of the St. Albans Messenger, which has appeared in his newspaper and at Vermont Tiger. We at VEH endorse his view.

Candidates whose rhetoric panders to 'green' constituencies should be pressed to explain why higher energy costs are good for Vermont's economy. The stark reality is that Vermont Yankee is a very good deal for the state, particularly the beneficial revenue sharing agreement that would run until 2022, if VY is relicensed.