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About Us

Who We Are

Vermonters For Economic Health (VEH) is a grassroots, citizen-led organization whose members and contributors are increasingly concerned about Vermont’s deteriorating economic condition. Our group was formed before the present recession took hold. VEH’s mission is simple: Promote economic health for the state of Vermont and its residents and fiscal responsibility in our state government.

Vermonters for Economic Health (VEH) takes no position on social issues. We encourage the General Assembly to concentrate on issues affecting the health of Vermont's economy. The focus must be on spending control, tax relief, infrastructure and energy policy, education cost control, regulatory reform, and other essential ingredients of Vermont's economic health and the state government's fiscal discipline.

What We're Doing

Beginning in the fall of 2007 as an online petition drive by Tom Licata to encourage the politicians in Montpelier to focus on improving Vermont’s economy, VEH initiated a series of “Town Meeting Forums” throughout the state. The presentation outlines disturbing economic trends facing Vermont citizens and taxpayers. The current presentation is available here.

VEH will continue to process and communicate information on the fiscal condition of our state and our residents but we also want to have an even greater impact correcting the path of our state economy. To further this initiative VEH has created a Political Action Committee (PAC) to raise funds to help support Vermont House and Senate candidates who pledge to endorse the VEH mission.

The VEH candidate pledge for the 2008 election can be found by clicking here. Check out the candidates who have signed it and whom VEH supported by clicking the Candidates link above.

Get Involved

Electing candidates who support our mission of economic health and government fiscal responsibility will bring fresh ideas and practical problem solving to Vermont’s growing economic challenges.

Together, we can create the kind of hope and opportunity Vermonters deserve: preserving the best of Vermont while enabling more and better jobs in Vermont, making affordable housing a reality and achieving a more prosperous life for all.

Please, join us. We welcome your input. Review our presentation, sign our petition, review our pledge and see which candidates have signed it, contribute to our Political Action Committee, attend our events, and tell your friends and colleagues about our web site. If you really want to become part of the solution and take an active, hands-on role please contact us about joining our regular meetings.

Most importantly, we thank you for voting for the candidates that support a strong economy and fiscal responsibility in state government.