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A message to our Governor & General Assembly

We, the undersigned, recognize that Vermont is on an unsustainable path of little or no private sector job growth, excessive government spending and overwhelming tax burdens that are among the very highest in the country. This condition predates the recession.

Our unsustainable and oppressive tax burdens need to be addressed with a comprehensive, Long-Term Economic Plan. One that provides a roadmap of hope and opportunity through economic and productivity growth, leading to the kind of quality job creation and affordable living standards all Vermonters deserve.

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Katherine TraverNorth Bennington

Many of we big tax payers are looking to flee the state.

Tim KSouth Burlington
Laurel LaFramboiseChelsea

We need to reduce the size of state government so that Vermont-raised children can afford to live in Vermont.

Preston JumpE. Topsham

It's time for the legislature to stop "rearranging deck chairs" and get down to the critical task of regaining balance in Vermont's economy. The VEH agenda is a good start.

Gregory AllardSouth Burlington
peter donavanbennington
Kristin SohlstromBarre City

There is an alarming rate at which the state has taken over some key private industries. Two examples of this are Vermont Life and VITL. Imposing specific industries on the taxpayer by forcing us to foot the bill shows a clear lack of confidence in the market. Unfortunately, there are business owners in this state who believe as the state does...that their products aren't good enough to survive without taxpayer funding. Yes, I'm also referring to energy products. I resent this imposition of their business on my wallet and I support the mission statement above. Barre City's economic issues are a good example of what happens when there is an unequal balance between tax paying citizens owning properties and tax exempt businesses who don't pay taxes but use up taxable space. If the state keeps gobbling up private industry and keeps expanding what already exists, then we are on a path to disaster. I have faith that the lay-offs of 300+ people in our state government will produce a measurable growth of small business because there are more available people than there are jobs in this state and those people will have to work somehow...if they stay here.

Richard CampbellRichmond

What are our legislators thinking when they are raising taxes accross the board when so many Vermonters have lost their jobs.It's shocking and cruel. Clearly, no one in Montpelier has ever owned a business or made a payroll.Why can't they realise that each dollar removed form the private sector and transferred to the public sector, means lost jobs and closed businesses.

Ralph BoydPlainfield

We have to stop the madness!

Mark AllardBurlington
Wanda WhiteRandolph

"We the People" need to stand up and take no more of this crazy spending frenzy, by our local and federal governments. The politicians are doing what ever they want and spending us into destruction.Maybe that is their real plan, to bring our nation to its knees. We need to revolt

Kenneth Harrington Jr.Barre

It has become clear to me that government has forgotten that it is "We the people"not we the politicians.The politicians in Vermont for too long have driven out business and taxed the working class without thought to the consequences,while funneling our tax dollars to special interest and social programs making this the GO TO state for welfare in the northeast, this needs to change or I believe Vermont cannot become financially stable/solvent and will always be begging for federal aid.

Steven J. HowardMount Holly
Lawrence PietruchaBennington
Audrey PietruchaBennington

The national bailout plan was the final straw for me. I have to get involved now for the sake of my children and their children. I might not have much influence at a national level but I'll use what little I have at the state and local levels. No more apathy!

Mike RenoEssex

What will it take for them to listen to the people and stop with their own agenda?

Hunter MelvilleSouth Woodstock

This state is in serious trouble, congratulations to VEH for having the guts to show where we're headed unless tough decisions are made quickly. It's not like the press is going to do so. Instead we're subjected to self-congratulatory stories on how Vermont 'cares' more than anyone about being Green. On Miss Vermont's hemp dress, on Peter Shumlin blowing the clarion trumpet on global warming.

Whereas, in truth, our taxes are climbing while the middle class flees. Young people are left with no opportunity and head south leaving us the second 'oldest' state in the nation.

I'd like to thank for inviting VEH to the statehouse for a fantastic, yet disturbing presentation.

Doug MackeyWaterbury
Stephen DouglassBrandon

Whatever happened to people being responsible for themselves and their families? Many peoples' current mindset is "I exist, therefore I am owed this," not "I have earned it." Government should not and cannot be all things for all people - that is not its function - and it is time for people to get past that failed line of thinking.

Jessica BernierBarre

Yesterday I had the great privilege of seeing a presentation from VEH at the VT Campaign For Liberty convention. What I learned is so disturbing, so eye-opening that I wish every Vermonter could see it. Every legislator, every state employee, every teacher NEEDS to listen to what this group has to say.