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A message to our Governor & General Assembly

We, the undersigned, recognize that Vermont is on an unsustainable path of little or no private sector job growth, excessive government spending and overwhelming tax burdens that are among the very highest in the country. This condition predates the recession.

Our unsustainable and oppressive tax burdens need to be addressed with a comprehensive, Long-Term Economic Plan. One that provides a roadmap of hope and opportunity through economic and productivity growth, leading to the kind of quality job creation and affordable living standards all Vermonters deserve.

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Bruce ReidRochester, VT
Edward Wilbur Sr.Burlington

I would bet that many of our social programs could be decreased if there were a requirement for a one year residency before any benefits are issued. It really is all about who is a Vermonter. Having worked at FAHC I know first hand that many New Yorkers were sent from Plattsburg to Burlington to take advantage of FAHC when they had no ability to pay. New York should take care of their own and not burden Vermont. There are other cases of people moving here to get their teeth fixed for free and then moving back to their own state. Enough is enough. Our state is too small to support other states.

Theresa FerraraEssex
Peter KreiselBurlington

I came to Vt. 32 years ago from NYC, where I had spent 5 years of my first 13 career years in city government (under John V. Lindsay). I experienced the near bankruptcy of the city after a couple years back in the private sector and watched the ministrations of Felix Rohatyn to try to right the fiscal ship. NYC had been at that time a liberal juggernaut with no social program exempt from consideration.

The point of all this: I've seen this movie before, and I know how it ends. I have a social conscience, but self-motivation and initiative must be the lynchpin of any society or economy. VT must have an economic vision to encourage this behavior, so that economic activity can justify our social missions (which alway need rigorous vetting).

Damon BrinkBolton

I am running for Chit - 8 State Rep. My website is

I believe in removing burdensome and intrusive government from the private sector and would appreciate your support.

Thomas RobbinsNorthfield

Our current state spending model is not sustainable. Simply put, the taxes are too high and the politicians want to add more programs that will increase the tax burdens even further. We need to start by intelligently cutting wasteful programs.

It is also a bad sign when the State of Vermont is the largest employer in the state. We need to become a place where industry wants to set up shop.

Dan HildebrandWilliston

As an engineering student and a huge fan of Vermont, I hope I can return from school to work in a vibrant technology sector and still wander the heights of the Green Mountains.

Karen KerinSouth Royalton / VT

I am the republican and libertarian candidate for attorney general.

John BourlandColchester, VT

In my professional practice working with individuals and businesses throughout Vermont, I see the importance of maintaining sustainable economic policy in this state.

Richard BrownNewark, Vermont

Vermont is on the road to economic destruction at the hands of a democratic controlled government. They subject a business enterprise, if they dare come to Vermont to an oppressive permitting process that sometimes takes years to get through. That same business can go across to New Hampshire and be up and running in a couple of months! Giving that State numerous good paying jobs and increase tax revenue.

The youth of Vermont are leaving because they can not find a good paying job, and they cannot afford to by a home here.

There are few or no cell towers in some areas. No High speed internet infra structure,sound like a third world country?

Can this problem be solved? Yes! Vote these feckless, pusillanimous so called progressive out of office.
vermonters have the power of the vote use it!

Gloria OestNewark Vermont

We must grow jobs and lower property taxes.....the state is mortgaging our future

ia Oest

Paul KarczmarczykBrandon
Leslie MooneyEssex Junction

I hope that Tom Licata is elected as Chittenden County Senator. His expertise is sorely needed and his knowledge of the issues will be invaluable.

Richard TheoretAlburg

The State of Vermont must cut back the social programs that give tax dollars to those who refuse to provide for themselves.

Kevin OwensShelburne
Anonymous AnonymousBurlington
Eric PatnodeAlburgh

I like what i see.

Mark KittellJericho
Brian DubieEssex Jct
Carolyn BranaganGeorgia

Taxes are way too high and recent growth in state spending is unsustainable.A Long Term Economic growth policy that benefits Vermonters is long overdue.