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A message to our Governor & General Assembly

We, the undersigned, recognize that Vermont is on an unsustainable path of little or no private sector job growth, excessive government spending and overwhelming tax burdens that are among the very highest in the country. This condition predates the recession.

Our unsustainable and oppressive tax burdens need to be addressed with a comprehensive, Long-Term Economic Plan. One that provides a roadmap of hope and opportunity through economic and productivity growth, leading to the kind of quality job creation and affordable living standards all Vermonters deserve.

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Anne DonahueNorthfield
Peg FloryPittsford
Cheryl PariseauSouth Burlington

The outrageous property taxes in this state MUST be dealt with very soon. People who have lived in this state their entire lives can no longer afford to live here due to the high property tax burden. We need to stop being held hostage to the NEA and cut teaching positions and consolidate school districts. There is no reason why the student teacher ration cannot be higher. There is no proof that a low student teach ratio provides a better education. This is evident in the standardized tests given our Vermont students. We also need to look into consolidating school districts to contain our education cost too. There are approximately 13,000 school districts through out the United States, Vermont alone has 284, which is 2.19% of the national total. Nevertheless, Vermont roughly has a population of 608,827, which is only .2% of the total US population of that 608,827 only 96,000 (as of 01/07) are school aged children. So why do we have all of these extra high paying school district positions? Our elected officials need to start listening to us! They are our employees and we need to hold them accountable or else get rid of them!

Linda HaslamLyndonville

There are a number of indivduals with innovative ideas who should be given advice and support in order to bring their inventions to market.

Hunter MelvilleSouth Woodstock

Time to cut spending and reduce Vermont's bureaucracy, especially, of course, in the realm of the educational-medical complex. Reverse the trend of political centralization, let's return power to the Towns!

Stewart SkrillRandolph Ctr,

Thank you for your concerns which I concur with and hope to address should I be sucessful in my bid for a seat in the Legislature representing Orange Addison 1.
Stewart Skrill

lella ricciutialburgh

the school taxes for a non resident, or for a second home has increased at an alarming rate. I bought the home 20 years ago and I can no longer afford it. The rason for the high school taxes is due to the ratio of teacher and student one teacher for for 3-4 students. That is incredulous. When I went to school our rate was 35 -40 students per teacher and we thrived to learn and did really well. The problem lies elsewhere. High taxes causes lack of jobs: social disabilty and children with learning diasablities.

Eileen ErnestEssex Junction
Elton ErnestEssex Junction

Vermont must develop a culture that reduces barriers and encourage business development, bring in higher paying jobs, and encourages young Vermonters to remain here.

Dave RogersonEssex jct
Richard BayerAlburg

I saw the presentation in Grand Isle and I also saw how strongly the local Democrats were questioning about everything that was presented. Either they are trying to cover up what they have done or don't believe that there is a problem. In either case they seem to believe that more taxes and government are always the answer, they truely define being out of touch with reality.

Paul NovakMorrisville
Joaquina BushNorthfield Falls
Anonymous AnonymousBerlin


Please present your deed to your home to the Vermont Legislature immediately as they are going to get your home eventually. All Vermont government cares about is tourism and attracting the almighty dollar. The elite are going to be the only residents in Vermont that can afford to live here. My family has been in this state since the 1790's and I'm sure they are rolling over in their graves on what is happening in this state. No wonder our children are leaving, they can't live here, that is why our state has the oldest population. Daaaa It doesn't take a mathematician to figure this out. I guess our legislature can't see this or just doesn't care.

DeWayne BushNorthfield Falls

I am tired of the excessive taxing and spending going on in Vermont. The average citizen is finding themselves no longer able to stay in their homes due to high property taxes. Businesses which depend on discretionary spending are starting to fail since no one has any money left. This translates into layoffs and less revenue going to the state. There is very little to the Vermont economy other than the 3.5 months which we see tourists and that has dropped off significantly. It's time to eliminate governmental departments like DLC who only exist to waste money.

Margaret VarneySouth Hero

I am currently a candidate for the State House of Representatives, running in Grand Isle Chittenden 1-1. I look forward to your presentation on Sept. 4th here in the Islands. Voters need to understand the implications of our legislature's tax and spend policies.
It's time to elect people who will put Vermont back on a fiscally sustainable course.

Dick TrudellGrand Isle

Voters need to understand that government can only re-distribute wealth, it cannot create wealth. It's role should be to encourage business enterprise, not attempt to stifle it by onerous taxation.

Patrick DodgeBurlington

I will not support any candidate who does not have a strong commitment to getting Vermont out of the directionless path it is on now. It's time for Montpelier to wake up and make job growth and tax reduction its number one priority.

Phyllis GeissUnderhill
Peter HazeltonJericho