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A message to our Governor & General Assembly

We, the undersigned, recognize that Vermont is on an unsustainable path of little or no private sector job growth, excessive government spending and overwhelming tax burdens that are among the very highest in the country. This condition predates the recession.

Our unsustainable and oppressive tax burdens need to be addressed with a comprehensive, Long-Term Economic Plan. One that provides a roadmap of hope and opportunity through economic and productivity growth, leading to the kind of quality job creation and affordable living standards all Vermonters deserve.

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Anonymous Essex Junction
Nathan WestProctor
Dawn BunkerEssex Junction
Linda KirkerSt. Albans,

Now is the time to focus on the REAL CONCERNS of Vermonters ie; high taxes,school costs,failing infrastructure , lack of state of the art telecommunications and high utility costs. If you fix these problems, businesses will thrive , good paying jobs will follow and our youth will stay in Vermont. Please get on with matters of importance to the majority of Vermonters, not legislation for the few that only adds more taxes to the many.

Anonymous Stowe
Daniel GeensburgStowe

It is time to live within our means. We cannot keep offering extensive social programs and looking for other people to pay for it (the rich, the tourists, the second homeowners, businesses, etc), anybody but us.

Michael KippWilliston
Cole TierneyUnderhill
Anonymous Essex Junction
Marc LandryColchester
Deborah BilladoEssex Jct.

We need to stop talking the talk and walk the walk. We have known for years of this coming tidal wave and yet we continue to not take serious action. We need to make all representatives accountable for development and execution of plans to dig us out of this economic crisis. Each time the legislature goes into session we see more and more programs and none of the broken legislation (act 60/68) ever gets fixed. Its past the time to act on these matters.

Alfred ParrellaEssex Jct.
Louis VarricchioMiddlebury

It's time for a sweeping change in the makeup of the Vermont Legislature. For too long elected officials in Vermont have either ignored or trivialized the burden of taxes on the hardworking public. The Founding Fathers, even our own homegrown revolutionaries Ethan and Ira Allen, did not envision America or Vermont as cash cows. They saw the citizen being able to help themselves or rely on the community in times of need. Too many modern citizens expect government to solve problems they should be addressing themselves. Maybe a very loud and in-your-face tax revolt--akin to the effect felt by the Shot Heard 'Round the World in 1775--needs to be taken by a few brave Vermonters willing to step up and lead the fight to reduce taxes across the board. It's time to dump some tea into Montpelier's harbor!

Tom LicataBurlington
Frank MazurSouth Burlington
Ellen EmersonShoreham