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A message to our Governor & General Assembly

We, the undersigned, recognize that Vermont is on an unsustainable path of little or no private sector job growth, excessive government spending and overwhelming tax burdens that are among the very highest in the country. This condition predates the recession.

Our unsustainable and oppressive tax burdens need to be addressed with a comprehensive, Long-Term Economic Plan. One that provides a roadmap of hope and opportunity through economic and productivity growth, leading to the kind of quality job creation and affordable living standards all Vermonters deserve.

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Michael MoserWest Rutland

Last one left will you please turn out the lights! Oh as we can see the lights are already out in the State House...

Jack WisemanSudbury

If we don't pay closer attention to the critical issues that face us, not only will we be the highest taxed and oldest per capita state in the US, but also the emptiest. Let's focus on critical Vermont issues that make living in Vermont possible, not issues like 'impeach the president, fix global warming, legalize marijuana' At some point we have to decide to either be a socialist state or not. With over 35% of our revenue coming from the Federal government, we are subject to the whims of a Congress that itself can’t do much. Either we bite the bullet, take charge of our own destiny, recognize that we need to encourage our culture to change now or we will slowly slip into a state of non-resident landlords and everyone else on the government payroll

Denise ByersRutland

Seems "We The People" are inebriated with the Govt. Handouts. The "US Constitution" states we are not to be taxed on our wages... however, that is exactly what the govt is doing. We have allowed this..(Income Taxes). Also, that We The People have the right to Private Property Ownership! Yet, if we do not pay the property taxes, the govt takes it away! We have allowed this. I think this is immoral and illegal, yet that is what our govt is doing and We The People are allowing them to do. Combine Income Taxes with the Property, Sales, Excise, Phone, Gas, Oil, Utilities, Permits, Inspections, License, Registration, Capital Gains, Inheritance, and so many other hidden and not mentioned here taxes,... the govt is living way beyond it's means. We the People have freed the slaves (rightly so) and yet see nothing wrong apparently, in our now becoming the NEW slaves, "TAX SERFS" of the govt.! We must set priorities and stick to them. We The People need to hold our govt accountable and "pull in the reigns of careless, faudulent, frivolous and unending spending"! We The People have only ourselves to blame for the mess we are in, since WE HOLD THE POWER and we either lead by our actions or lead by our INACTIONs, by letting the govt grow out of control!

Ronald PulcerRutland Town

I concur that VT will face serious economic problems in the future, especially if no corrective actions are taken. However, I have long felt that voters are presented with "false choices" (Ideology A vs. Ideology B). VT Republicans tout the Tax Foundation Study, while Democrats point to the Beacon Hill Study. Each party says that their chosen study is more "correct". But VT taxpayers can do their "own" study. Just track ALL of your taxes; Federal (income, Social Security, Medicare), State (income, Education property tax) and local property tax. Then you can do you own personal "tax study". I tracked my taxes for over a decade. If I look at ALL my tax dollars spent each year, it is clear that Federal taxes are my BIGGEST tax problem (75% slice of my tax pie). I encourage you to chart your own tax pie (your "mileage may vary"). The VT Legislature and Governor have done a very good job of getting Vermonters to argue with their neighbors on Town Meeting Day (esp. in election years). But, these same politicians hardly ever speak up to their party bosses about how the Federal Gov’t wastes our tax dollars. They are more interested in getting re-elected than they are about solving our Local, State AND Federal tax problems. VT politicians in both parties should speak up to their party bosses and speak up for the VT citizens and taxpayers. They should state loudly and clearly that if the Federal Gov’t cannot spend our Fed tax $$$ wisely, and root out c

Suzanne Butterfieldgaysville
Jonathan WallaceWest Rutland

Symington/Shumlin--It is time for you to cut the puppet strings being pulled by Howard Dean and start addressing the issues that impact Vermonters directly.By focusing on the Dean agendas, you are screwing Vermonters.Stop playing games with our lives. Your throwback Socialist perspectives are wrong. Capitalism, as flawed as it is, will make this state thrive! We need more business, not bigger government!

Chet GreenwoodNewport

Vermont's population is the 2nd oldest in the nation. The retirees are legitimately collecting their pensions/social security. It is the rest of the population that gets in the wagon and there are not enough left to pull the load. (At last count 35% pulling-65% riding). Every time we add taxes and/or fees, those pulling get discouraged and give up and jump in the wagon- or just move to a less expensive state where they can afford to live.

Anonymous Essex Junction

If my taxes go up any more I will be forced to leave the state and they won't get any of my money. Reduce spending. Reduce Entitlements. Encourage personal responsibility. I thought that was what VT valued. But it has turned into give everything to everyone at the expense of all taxpayers.

David UsherColchester

Wisdom is only found in Truth.

Daniel Fifieldwilliamstown

I've heard that in town meetings in NH. they're going to discuss a NH. income and/or sales tax to ease the burdan on property owners. That means potentialy all that revenue from Vermonters employed in NH. will go to Concord and not Montpeculer. Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous Rutland
Anonymous South Royalton

The tax system in this state is unmamageable and deceptive. No one has been able to explain to us how the tax on a view can be calculated or how the education and income taxes seem to be arrived at. It has become so complicated that it makes no sense to the lay person. The whole state tax system needs to be reorganized.

Thomas BurdittWest Rutland

What can I say, I'm sure it's already been said. The cause speaks for itself.

Samuel Hendrickmontpelier

The government is not the beginning or the end of the solution....the government did not create the industrial revolution, nor did it have a hand in creating this great nation. It has always been the minds and actions of brave men and women who will endure hell for years regardless of the consequences. It will only come though people like you and me who are willing to stand up and talk to one another and see what we can do together. This great nation was created for the self governing man. Not the selfishly governed people who you will have to obey at all cost. It was the government who sent out the question a little over a hundred years ago, “what are we to do about the increase of horses and the lack of grain to feed them?” It was one man Henry Ford who came to the rescue with the car to replace the horse and have a new future. His first models were not perfect and many people worked to stop it. As time pushed on we would not know what to do if our cars stopped running. Now we are at the threshold once again to do something. The hands of government are tied up by big business and mafia-like organizations. They are making billions and trillions of dollars a year just the way the system is right now It is time for people to take the country that gives the greatest opportunities in the world to its people and shine as a beckon of hope to those looking for guidance. I have some of my own ideas. Want to hear them?

Anonymous Northfield
Marion CleggHyde Park

With a state where the people are crying help I believe it is time you, our Legislators, take a real serious look at the economy in this state. We need solutions not more problems nor do we need more taxes. You need to look at what is not working and see how it came be fixed or limiminate it all together. Look down the road to the lives of our grandchildren and ask yourselves what are we leaving for them. You are where you are for the betterment of the people of Vermont ~ make it a reality not a fantasy

Dwight MacPhersonRutland

Enough is enough! They (the government) is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs! They are ringing their necks...the business climate is poor, businesses are closing and leaving, Vermont is NOT business friendly and they still don't get it. They want more and more! This must stop! We need to learn from our mistakes! We must all get involved and put a stop to all this nonsense before it is really too late!

Paul GundStarksboro

My high property taxes may eventually lead to the very thing that my town wants to prevent, the division and sell off of my property in small parts to pay for taxes.

Tobias BrownJericho
Dickinson HartEssex jct.

If there is any consolation to us Vermonters,it's the fact that almost all the socialist and their twisted agendas are here in Vermont. Thus freeing the rest of our great nation to pursue our Forefathers great visions for individuals and their families.