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A message to our Governor & General Assembly

We, the undersigned, recognize that Vermont is on an unsustainable path of little or no private sector job growth, excessive government spending and overwhelming tax burdens that are among the very highest in the country. This condition predates the recession.

Our unsustainable and oppressive tax burdens need to be addressed with a comprehensive, Long-Term Economic Plan. One that provides a roadmap of hope and opportunity through economic and productivity growth, leading to the kind of quality job creation and affordable living standards all Vermonters deserve.

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Mike AudetUnderhill
Ray ArnstJericho
Carol ArnstJericho
Ron BurnsMilton

It is time to address the issues in this state that affect the average Vermonter. We can't worry about global warming and impeaching the President when a so many people are worring about feeding their families and paying for gas and fuel for heating their homes. I don't know how young people and low income seniors get by. The only answer is jobs and to get companies to come to Vermont we have to give them tax insentives, limit regulations, and reduce environmental roadblocks because we don't want to inconvenience turtles and birds. It's time for common sense.

Charlotte Stevensnewark, vt.

I am ashamed of the current legislature playing games and feeling like bigwigs trying to get to Washington. we need HELP WITH TAXES TODAY , and no more foolishness with Pete & Gaye and their bunch of clowns!!!!!! We will clean them all out come November my husband says!!

Yven St GeorgeVergennes

I assume that this petition will be read by our representatives (both legislative and executive). If so, pay attention to the sentiment of the undersigned 590 (ish) petitioners. There is a clear and common theme, and that is a sense of complete disregard for the entrepenurial spirit and indifference to the plight of the tax payer. continue to do so at your own political peril

Steven CrosbyWestford

What the hell are you people doing down there!

Joe BourgeoisEssex Junction

You are creating a State that is unafordable for the average US citizen. You have created, and continue to create, programs that are designed to support a small minority of the States population and penalizing the working class by continuing to try and take more and more of what income they have left to try and support themselves. When will you realize there is nothing left to give. You have forced businesses to move out of our State. People are leaving our State because they can not afford the taxes. Home values are decreasing because property taxes continue to rise and people have simply given up and are leaving resulting in a lack of demand for homes yet you want to continue to try and increase taxes to the people that remain. When will you realize the only way to positively increase revenue for our State is to attract more businesses and more people to move into the State vs. out of the State to share the tax burden? Stop raising taxes - you are creating a State that working class people can not afford to live in.

Peter Amourburlington
Sean Walshfairfield

Property taxes are completely out of control. Businesses cannot hire entry level employees at more than double minimum wage, because they can't afford to live in VT anymore. Home heating fuel is taxed, we're one of the few states that have stooped to this level of desperation. Shame on us. What's next, our food? Gasoline is $3.15 / gallon, states close by are $2.89.Why do we get to be so lucky? It couldn't possibly be higher taxes, could it? We're past the point of asking for moderation in tax increases, we need a house clearing in Montpelier to bring sanity back to our state. Ireland as an example of a proactive country in the past had very high unemployment and tax levels, gave tax breaks to companies to bring them in and kept the corporate tax low for many years to keep them in. The knock on effect was a significant decrease in unemployment and a corresponding increase in payroll tax revenues. Subsequent tax relief for the Irish workers stimulated spending and along came the Celtic Tiger. A change such as Ireland embraced at the government level would breed new life into the economy of Vermont and possibly make the state inviting for young people once more. Industry must be embraced, permits must be granted in record (short) time, we have to spend now to reap rewards later. Get the heads out of the sand. The few can't pay for the many for long. Sean Walsh

Daniel TreatSouth Burlington
Pierre SimardEssex
Elizabeth (Lani) DukeRutland

Scrap the permitting process and start over. Make it automatic- here are the requirements, fill them, and you're good to go. Development should not rely on the whimsy of unelected officials.

Christine KusseyJericho
Jay RuppelSouth Burlington

Please stop trying to save the world from the cause of the day (global warming, Bush, Iraq, Gay marriage, pot legalization, etc….) and save Vermonters from the oppressive tax burden and ever shrinking tax base that will drive the few remaining tax payers out of the state.

Carl JaborekMorrisville

Why is it the are elected officials drive sabas and volvos while the rest of are driving used. Why is it that washington makes 4x the nationial wages of the adverage person. why aint they on S.S. why is it that Vermont thinks it has to pay for every program that the libreals want. How about a three percent flat tax on all services encluding lawyers, doctors and other profesion's. Two billionairs both said it would be best for the people. No tax returns, no proprety taxs for schools and you would know what you have to pay on every dollar you make. Now that would be great.

Real DaigleEden
Ann St OngeUnderhill
Thomas IshamColchester
Wayne RheaumeColchester

We want our economic health restored. This is not done by taxing us Vermonters. You should control the wasteful spending and reduce your work force. I worked for the Federal Goverment and they are also top heavy. There is too much wasteful spending of money i.e. the circ highway in Essex for studies --