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The VEH Candidate Pledge

Vermonters for Economic Health endorses and supports Legislative candidates in November's election who agree to the principles shown below. Candidates who sign the pledge will be listed on this site and provided reasonable space for campaign information on this website and links to their own campaign site, if desired.

Candidates: Please print this page, complete it and mail to Vermonters for Economic Health, P.O. Box 153, Essex Junction, VT 05453.



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Believing that economic growth, job creation, fiscal responsibility and a strong tax base are critical to the health of our state and essential to providing fundamental public services, I, ___________________________, pledge to the citizens of the ___________________________ district of the State of Vermont and to all the people of this state that I will support:

1. Lower, stable and more predictable property taxes; no increases in marginal personal or corporate income tax rates. No new taxes.

2. Long-term state government spending - including education spending - should target lower overall taxation. Short-term state government spending increases, if any, should not exceed the average growth rate of Vermonters' wages.

3. Sound energy policy including renewable sources and the re-licensing, if deemed safe, of the Vermont Yankee nuclear facility with a goal of ensuring competitive electric rates from which to sustain economic development and quality of life.

4. The growth of housing stock through the reduction of costly and time consuming regulatory burdens and mandates.

5. Fewer costly mandates that result in above national average employer expenses combined with social and environmental regulatory policy that is clear, fair, expeditious and certain.

6. A well-maintained transportation system and state of the art telecommunications infrastructure.

7. Job growth and a welcoming business climate conducive to attracting the entrepreneurs and employers necessary to afford us with the stable, well-paying jobs necessary to maintain and improve our quality of life and standard of living.